Dr. Terry Mart
Professor of Physics
Departemen Fisika   FMIPA
Universitas Indonesia
Depok 16424, Indonesia
Email: tmart [at] fisika.ui.ac.id
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Research:   Kaon MAID (an interactive program for kaon photo- & electroproduction) also available at SAID
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Some wise words:

"If a country neglects basic research it is doomed to be always a follower and not a leader, and it will lose its most talented young scientists who will go elsewhere. Healthy science is like a healthy tree: you cannot destroy the roots and hope that the branches will flourish" --- David Gross, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics.

On a recent official visit to southeast Asia, a prime minister asked me: "What does it take to get a Nobel prize?" I answered immediately: "Invest in basic research and recruit the best minds." --- Ahmed Zewail, 1999 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

There exists no shortcut (in terms of space and time) to become a real scientist --- my personal opinion.